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3-D Modelling Tools - Digital Picture Frames (DPF) and RECON3D™

Digital PictureFrames™ Vol.1 is a collection of over 200 digitally created picture and photo frames with a special bonus of 100 frames. It is the first volume in our new series of digital content.

All 300 files are in JPG format and are good for most popular computer systems including Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux.

Art Recon

in 3DS, 3DMF, DXF, LWO, OBJ or CAR (*)
Over 650 professional quality 3D objects, 2 Volumes, 5 CDs with standard 3D formats in four different configurations! RECON3D™ Content Collections work with all commercial 3D software on various computer platforms.

Our 3D content is designed for animation, visual effects, set design, film and video production, digital graphics and photography, interior design and architecture.

RECON3D™ is the state-of-the-art series of 3D Object Collections which brings to life our heritage in a 3D computer environment. Our objects are carefully selected, historically correct and re-created into 3D from the most important World Heritage Sites and historic data available.

We have taken special care to ensure that RECON3D™ series replicate exactly original objects created thousands or hundreds of years ago. All of our models have been re-created after countless hours of research to ensure their historical correctness. The final result is a unique blend of today’s computer technology, aesthetic aspects, and historical accuracy.

Please view a gallery of works to help inspire your next project!

Art Recon Logo

e/booster is delighted to offer a range of products from Art Recon Inc., a Canadian firm which specialises in professional 3-D models.

We offer highly detailed models adequate for high-end animation, film and broadcast production, 3D design, set design, graphic design, scenography, interior design, architecture and visualizationand are available in a wide range of common electronic formats, starting at just £25 GBP (plus shipping).

Educational and lab pack pricing are also available for most ArtRecon products. Please email office@ebooster.co.uk for a quote.

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